1981 Smith Stockley Crew
Inducted: 1999

The seven members of the Smith Stockley crew pose with the trophy
The 1981 Smith Stockley crew
Front row: (l-r) Paul Ring, John Barrington Sr., Brian Cranford
Back Row: (l-r) Bill Holwell, Randy Ring, Skipper Jim Ring, Tom Power
(Year: 1981, Source: Regatta Museum).

For years the debate raged: Could the course record of 9:13 (set by Outer Cove in 1901) ever be beaten? There were many skeptics who felt that this time had never been rowed, or that conditions had changed. But one man believed and dreamed the impossible.

"Skipper" Jim Ring started training a crew in 1977. Through tough training, new techniques and personal inspiration, he forged a crew - a family - of rowers who gradually honed their skills and improved their times.

In 1981, Smith Stockley entered the Club Race as St. John's Boys' and Girls' Club. Excitement and expectations were high. When they crossed the finish line in the new record time of 9:12.04, the crowd went wild.

Not only did their feat earn them a place in Regatta History, but they also received the Lord Warden's Medals; a parade through city streets; a reception at Government House; a letter from Her Majesty, the Queen Mother; and selection as Newfoundland and Labrador Team of the Year.

The accomplishment of this dream brought rowing into a new era and created an interest that has been growing steadily ever since.

Paul Ring, John Barrington Sr., Brian Cranford, Bill Holwell, Randy Ring, Skipper Jim Ring, Tom Power.