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Newfoundland Herald

Newfoundland Quarterly
  July 1901, v.1 no.1, p.18, 20
  Sept 1902, v.2 no.2, p.25 (photo)
  Sept 1903, v.3 no.2, p.opp.4 (photo)
  Oct 1905, v.5 no.2, p.14-15
  Dec 1905, v.5 no.3, p.17 (photo)
  Oct 1907, v.7 no.2, p.9 (photo)
  Dec 1912, v.12 no.3, p.5 (photo)
  Oct 1913, v.13 no.2, p.30
  Apr 1919, v.18 no.4, p.16 (photo)
  Oct 1919, v.19 no.2, p.14-15
  Oct 1920, v.20 no.2, p.12-13 (photo)
  July 1921, v.21 no.1, p.30 (photo)
  Oct 1921, v.21 no.2, p.22 (photo)
  Oct 1922, v.22 no.2, p.17-20
  July 1927, v.27 no.1, p.34
  Oct 1929, v.29 no.2, p.34 (photo)
  Dec 1930, v.30 no.3, p.18 (photo)
  Dec 1931, v.31 no.3, p.14-15 (photo)
  July 1933, v.33 no.1, p.10 (photo)
  July 1935, v.35 no.1, p.27, 34 (photo)
  Oct 1936, v.36 no.2, p.12 (photo)
  July 1941, v.41 no.1, p.40 (photo)
  Oct 1941, v.41 no.2, p.23 (photo)
  Sept 1942, v.42 no.2, p.15-16 (photo)
  Dec 1944, v.44 no.3, p.21-25
  Aug 1954 (special issue developed to regatta)
  For other references, consult library staff

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Refer to list of Newfoundland and Labrador newspapers for more information. Consult library staff for references to specific articles on the Regatta.

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